Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sagutti in marathi / Xacuti

Sagutti is authentic  mutton curry of Goa, Malwan and  Konkan Belt.Sagutti here same as Goan  Xacuti, meaning spices roasted over a shekoti? Some articles say the name Sagutti /Xacuti has  Portuguese etymology  other say its Sagutti mispronounced by Portuguese as  Xacuti.

Ingredients :

For  Marination:

Mutton 1 kg
Curd     1/2 kg
Mix all the above ingredients, Marinate for an hour.

For the main base of curry :

Cloves           12 pods  (Lavang)
Pepper           15          (Meeri)
Cardmom       03          (Elachi)
Dry Chillies     30

Corriander      2 Tbsp  (Kotombari) 
Fennel Seeds  2   Tsp   (Badisoap)
Cummin           1 Tsp    (Jeera)
Black Cummin 1/2 Tsp (Saijeera)
Poppy Seeds   1/2 Tbsp (kaskas) 
Garlic               8 cloves;

Step 1: In a pot or pan, put a tsp full of coconut oil, fry each ingredient one at a time. Fry each  ingredient on low flame till they turn the color to burnt sienna.

Step 2: Ground the above roasted things into a very smooth paste ----Paste 1.

Dry Coconut   1 cup grated
Onion             1  medium fried  directly on stove without peeling the skin;

Fry the grated dry coconut in a tsp of coconut oil and ground it together with the fried onion into a very smooth paste. Keep it aside.---- Paste 2

Fresh coconut   1/2  ( The coconut to be grated, put in food processor and squeeze the thick milk OR 1/2 liter of coconut milk is well and good).                      

Potato    2 Medium sized peeled and cut into big pieces
Onion     2 Medium sized  diced.

Now, in a open pan with thick bottom or pressure cooker  add around  3 Tbsp of oil and a Tbsp full of dalda/vanaspati. Once the oil becomes hot add diced onions fry till the onion becomes soft and turn's its  color to reddish brown (don't caramelize the onions).

Then in the pan with the fried onions goes the marinated mutton . Put the lid on, keep a heavy weighing pounding stone and cook for 15 minutes till the mutton gets soft or if you are using pressure cooker take 3-4 whistles.Add diced potatoes cook for 10min. Add Paste 1. Simmer for 5 to 10min

Now to the above gravy add Paste 2 cook for another 10 minutes. Finally add the thick coconut milk cook for 10 min.Adjust for salt, and  the sagutti is ready to be served.

Sagutti to be served with Chapatis/ Rotis, Dum Briyani, chopped onions.