Thursday, August 18, 2011

Heet ani Chutney ( as said in konkani) morning breakfast.

                                                             Jack Fruit Tree

Heet (as nomancultured  in konkani), its idli itself but is made in the leaves of jackfruit tree.The spine of palm leaves is used to pierce and hold the jackfruit leaves together.It is called Khotae. Mainly made in coastal area like Karwar, Ankola ........

Now all one need is to prepare the mixture of idli tht goes in :

Urid dal   : 1cup
Idli Rava  : 2 cups.

Step 1: Soak Urid dal in the morning hours. In the same day evening grind the urid dal into smooth paste.
 Step 2:  Wash the rava thoroghly .Add it to the uriddal batter. Add salt. Keep it overnight for fermenatation.
                 (** Note : Use a tsp full of lime juice while washing the rava, this gives pure white colour to idli)

Step 3: Put around 4 Tbsp of the batter  into the khota made of leaves.

Step 4: Fill around 8 khota's and keep it in cooker or a kind of utensil called padavaan ( in konkani).

Step 5: Let it cook for 8 -10 minutes.

The heet is ready, Served with coconut chutney, Green chillie chutney and sweetened  coconut milk.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Meeti Batat and Chapati the morning breakfast

This is a  very simple kind of sabhji and instant. Tastes awesome, Mostly prepared  on mondays on the day we donot even eat onions and garlic also.
All u need for this dish is :

Patotoes                : 2-3 Medium sized, boiled with a bit of salt and than peeled.
Mustard Seeds      : 1 tsp
Fenugreek             :1/2 tsp
Redchillie powder  : 2 Tsp ( or more as per taste)
Tamrind pulp         : 1/2 Tbsp ( or less, i love sour so i put a little more)
Turmeric               : 1/4 Tsp
Oil                        : 1 Tbsp ( preferably coconut oil / sunflower is ok)
Curry leaves (optional)
Coconut                : 1 Tbsp (optional)

Step 1 : Put the oil in a kadai,In the hot oil  add mustard seeds let them crackle, than add fenugreek + curryleaves fry for a minute.You will start getting the aroma. ( **Please keep the stove on low flame).

Step 2: Now add chillie power + turmeric ( i fry these to get a good red colour) .Add 2 cups of water salt let it simmer. Now to this add tamrind pulp and the chopped boiled patatoes.Cook for around 10 to 15 mins.

Serve with chapatis and tea. And get heavenly feeling.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Roti utta / Bakri ani Barli Vangi (in konkani)

The North Karnataka cuisine can be primarily found in the northern districts of Karnataka, including Bidar,Belgaum (or the new name Belgaavi), Gulbarga ......

The thali mainly includes of
  • Rotti /Bakri (in Marathi)    :  Thin flat bread made up  Jowar flour, Rice flour, Raagi, baked on fire or iron skillet.
  • Enne-gai / Stuffed Eggplant : Small vangi (in marathi) or badana kayee (in kannada) or egg plants bulbs stuffed with dry stuffing including ground peanuts,  garlic, garam masala, salt, and then sauteed with onions and other spices.Aubergine is also a substitue for egg plant.
  • Shenga Chutney/ Groundnut chutney/ Heendi : Made up of Groundnut.
  • Pallya / Vegetable : Made up of any green leafy stuff like Methi (Fenugreek), Palak (Spinach).....
  • Koshombar / Raitha
  • Curd Rice
Lets start with Stuffed Eggplant / Enne-gai/ Bharli Vangi

Eggplant/ Brinjal  : 1/2 Kg.

Onions                : 3 Medium sized finely chopped
                           : 1 Big finely chopped to be fried.
Garlic                  : 1

Wash the brinjals/ Eggplant/ Vangi. Put slits with the help of knife.

Cinnamon (Dalchini)   11/2 - 2 inch
Cloves      (Lavang)    2 in no  
Pepper      (Meeri)      8          (White /If black pepper use 10 to 12 in number)
Corriander (Dhaniya)  2 Tbsp
Cummin     (Jeera)      1/2 Tsp
Black Cummin            1/4Tsp
Fennel         ( Saunf)   1 Tsp
Dry Chillies                 8 -10
Coconut                     1/2 cup (finely grated, good if dried coconut is used)
Groundnut                  2 Tbsp 
Step1: Fry all above whole masala in a Tbsp of vanaspati one at  a time, till u get the aroma.
Step2: Now grind the fried masala using very little water togather with 1/2 tbsp of dry jaggery.
Step3: Add finely chopped onions to the above grounded masala mix well togather with salt.
Step4; Stuff the masala into the Eggplant/ Vangi. 
Step5: In a  flat bottom pan, Add around 2 Tbsp of oil.Saute finely chopped onions and 8-10 cloves of crushed garlic. Now place all of the stuffed brinjals into the pan.Add 1/2 cup of water. Put the lid and let it cook.

Enne-Gai is ready

Rotti /Bakri (in Marathi)    : All u need is
Rice Flour  : 2 cups
Water        :  1/2 cup  Boiling
Step1 : Mix well the water and flour into dough ( The more u knead the dough the soft the bakri is ).
Step 2: Now make balls of the dough, Coat it with dry flour. Roll into a flat thin circle using hand or use chapati roller (Belan).
Step 3: Put the bakri on iron skillet, the lower side of bakri should now  be facing the top now . Apply water, put it upside down. 
Leave for a minute than turn it again upside down. Put it directly on the stove ..Bake for 2 min .
Bakri is ready to be eaten
Shenga Chutney/ Groundnut chutney/ Heendi:
Ground nut : 1 cup  ( Toss them in a pan, put in a mixture and give one whip all of the skin comes out ).
Chillie powder : 2 Tbsp.
Tamrind           : Small ball size.
Garlic               : 15 Cloves. ( 3 pods)
Salt as per taste.
Put  all above ingredients in the mixture or food processor and make dry  powder to be served with fresh butter.
Similar thing goes with Sesame or gurula chutney only thing is tsp spoon of fresh corriander to be added while grinding.One can either use chillie powder or dry chilies if  using chillies,than they have to be roasted in tsp of oil . No tamrind to be used.

Raitha is what known to everyone. Curd Rice made of basmati rice togather with fresh thick yogurt and flavoured with tadaka of sesame (cummins),Dry chillies and curry leaves.

The Thali is ready to be relished.