Saturday, May 21, 2011

Egg Curry

Ingredients :

Eggs   8 in No's 

Corriander         2 Tsp
Fennel               1  Tsp
Cummin             1/2Tsp
Black Cummin   1/4Tsp
Dry  chillies        6 -7
Pepper              8 -10
Cloves              8 -10
Garlic cloves     8 flakes
Grated coconut 1/4 cup
Onion                1 small  (to be fried directly keeping on the burner, this gives a beautiful aroma to the curry)
Onion                2 big chopped finely

Step 1 :  Fry all the ingredients in around a tsp dalda ( Vanspati ) . Now grind to make a smooth paste togather with the fried onion.

Step 2:  Boil  6 eggs and remove the shell.While boiling add some salt thats gives more taste to boiled eggs.

Step 3 :  Now in  a pan, take around 2 tbsp of oil or Vanspati. Add finely chooped onion's. Fry tilll it is golden brown. While frying add some salt ( this gives to fried onion and also doesnot nurn the onion immediately).Add the above grounded masala.Add  2 cups of water to make curry.

Step 4 :  Once it start boiling, add boiled eggs to the curry. Let it simmer for 5 minutes.

Step 5 :  Than break around 2 eggs and directly drop them in curry. Simmer for another 15 min.

Step 6: Add finely chopped corriander leaves. And the curry is ready to be served.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Simple MisalPav

Simple version of misal pav. Easy to cook, delicious to eat.

Had this version of misal pav while driving down from konkan (Sawantwadi) in a small road side hotel. Goes really very well with hot cup of tea. While its raning outside.It was heavenly experience.

Its not the exact authentic maharastrian MisalPav

All u need is

Sprouted Matbean  -- 1/4 Cup.   Matki (मटकी) in marathi , Mothbean
Onion                     -- 2 in No.
Tamato                   -- 1 in No (Smaller one).
Ginger Paste           -- 1 Tsp.
Garlic Paste            -- 1 Tsp.
Chillie powder        --  2 Tsp ( U can add more for more hot)
Corrinader leaves.
Salt as per taste

Step 1 :  Heat 2 Tbsp of oil in pan. To this add chopped onion, fry till golden brown.

Step 2 : Add chopped tamaotes, fry for 2 minutes.Than add chopped corriander and red chillie powder.Fry it for min (Frying chilly powder gives a bright red colour what is called Kaat in marathi). Now to this add water (Water should be added reasonably more  i mean a lot maybe 3/4 of the pan)  and  salt. Simmer it. Add sprouted matki  and ginger garlic paste. Let it cook for around 15 min.

This is going to be a very thin watery Misal.So donot cook a lot.

While serving put the misal togather with matki and chiwada .Top with  cubed onions and bread. And a  really hot cup of tea. 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Aamraas Poori

Alphanso the delicious mango, In India its a wait for a whole year for summer and arrival of mangoes.

Lot of sweet dishes like aamraas, aambyachi vaadi,aambyacha sasav, aambycha khol,muraba, mango milk shake  and the list continues........

Aamraas goes really well with Alphanso ("Haapoos" in marathi), Its got a awesome flavour.So it is called the king of mangoes.But my aayee prepares using another variety of mango ("Esadha" ( a kind of mango) found mainly in Ankola/Karwar (her native) , very sweet and has lot of thick pulp). 

All one need to do for Aamraas is :

Mangoes                 : 4 in no.  
Sugar                      : 1small  cup ( as  per taste)
Cardmom Powder   : 1 tsp

Remove the pulp of mangoes. To this add sugar and cardmom powder. Yummy Yummy aamraas is reaady to be eaten with poori's.